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 new CD Recording ´20/21´  

Jean-Marc Robin drums, Ralf Cetto Bass, Thomas Langer guitars & compositions -11  

published in May 2021 

Recorded at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg by Philipp Heck, Coproduced by Marcel Schechter

stay tuned at Thomas 

Songs (check this video)

1 Laminar 2 Something left unspoken 

Songs (on CD)

3 Gousblom Ave 4 Behorn 5 Root 6 Broken Wing 7 Green Shed 8 Home 9 Laredo 10 Two Teens 11 Faro Faro

NEW !!! check my YouTubePlaylist   

Thomas Langer new CD ´20/21´, all songs introduced

Maximal November 2023 Rodgau, Maximal

13. Bandworkshop w/ Thomas Langer

Presentation & concert, sun 3.12.2023, 17.00h

Sun 12 Nov 2023  Jazztage Kesselstadt, Hanau

11.00h Thomas Langer Organ Trio

with Jean-Marc Robin (F) on drums

Paul Gehrig Hammond organ

Thomas Langer Guitar

Schloss Phillipsruhe


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